Research Agenda

2020 Market Reports

The Dresner Advisory Services Market Reports provide a wealth of information and analysis, offering value to both consumers and producers of business intelligence technology and services.

Q1 Q3
  • Analytical Data Infrastructure “Flagship” (4th)
  • Location Intelligence (7th)
  • Data Preparation (6th)
  • Data Pipeline (New)
  • Cloud Computing + BI (9th)
  • BI Competency Center (7th)
  • Marketing Analytics (New)
  • Data Science and ML (7th)
  • Small & Mid-sized BI (8th)
  • SME Performance Management (3rd)
Q2 Q4
  • Self-Service BI (formerly Collective Insights®) (5th)
  • Business Intelligence “Flagship” (11th)
  • Data Catalog (4th)
  • Enterprise Performance Management “Flagship” (6th)
  • Sales Planning (3rd)
  • IoT Intelligence® (6th)
  • Embedded BI (8th)
  • Big Data Analytics (6th)

2020 Research Insights

Dresner Advisory Services Research Insights provide brief and targeted analysis on specialized subjects in Business Intelligence and related topics.

Draft Title Planned Date
BI in the Tech Industry: High Levels of Success With Room for Improvement 6/9/2020
EPM: More Precise Budgeting and Planning; Improved Data-Driven Decision Making 6/18/2020
Embedded BI Continues to Show High Adoption and Interest 6/26/2020
BI in the Financial Service Industry: Current Success Drives Expected Higher Use 7/8/2020
BI in Higher Ed: Low Maturity and Signs for Potential Improvement 7/16/2020
An Opportunity for Leadership to Improve BI Success and Value in Retail/Wholesale 7/27/2020
CFOs Have a Key Role in Driving BI Adoption and Success Within Finance 8/6/2020
BI in Manufacturing: Higher Budgets and Investments Point to Improving Maturity 8/18/2020